The Spiritual Civil Liberties Union

We see in our Union a transcendent society characterized by experiential spiritual knowledge as the way forward. We are inspired to action by the absolute need to transcend the suffering of everyday life or at the very least to make the suffering in our world less.

The primary aim of our Union is to practice remaining with the breath or spirit as it rises and falls in and through the body in real time. The practice allows the member to remain and dwell in this now moment and creatively express through the power of speech that which is. So the practice is twofold and always complimentary in the unity of breath and speech. The singular focus isĀ  the expression and transmission of transcendental experiential knowledge. A plurality of voices united in a common practice for the sake of itself.

Additionally the creative expression as empowered by the practice may take a multiplicity of forms. We can post to our site any and all indulgences as our creative capacities dictate. As a further means of realizing where we already dwell we anticipate corporate meetings at various locales.

The Spiritual Civil Liberties Union is radically democratic based on inequality. There are no leaders. Whatever is presented is a creative expression in real time and as of up to this moment. The Union is not associated with any politics, religion, social institution or post-modern organization and does not oppose or support any political, religious, or social causes. Membership is entirely and wholly voluntary and requires only an energetic commitment to the practice.

The pursuit of happiness is suffering.